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Welcome to M ICU Ambulance Service. M ICU Ambulance Service is a well-known name for transporting all types of patients throughout Bangladesh including Dhaka. M ICU Ambulance Service transports all types of patients safely to any hospital, anywhere in Bangladesh through low cost, fast ICU Support Ambulance, CCU Support Ambulance, N ICU Support Ambulance and general ambulance. M ICU Ambulance Service has freezing ambulance to transport the dead bodies in safe, unchanged condition throughout Bangladesh. The M ICU Ambulance Service provides microbus services for patient transportation as well as passenger transport.

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Different types of ambulances offer my good quality ambulance service. Then we provide ICU, CCU, NICU, PICU support service doctors.We also provide body freezing services.

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Not all ambulance personnel are paramedics, although the term is sometimes used informally to refer to any ambulance personnel. In English-speaking countries, there is an official distinction between paramedics and emergency medical technicians (or emergency care assistants), in which paramedics have additional qualifications and are accountable to a professional regulatory body.

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Professional services are occupations in the tertiary sector of the economy requiring special training in the arts or sciences. Some professional services require holding professional licenses such as architects, accountants, engineers, doctors and lawyers

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Patient care refers to the prevention, treatment, and management of illness and the preservation of physical and mental well-being through services offered by health professionals.

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Price transparency, in the absence of corresponding information about quality and out-of-pocket-costs, can lead to poor health care choices and higher costs Price transparency is essential to a competitive, well-functioning market — and that includes heath care markets. When patients often don’t know what they will owe for their care until they receive a bill weeks later, you know that transparency is sorely lacking.

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In commerce and industry, 24/7 or 24-7 service (usually pronounced “twenty-four seven”) is service that is available at any time and usually, every day. An alternate orthography for the numerical part includes 24×7 (usually pronounced “twenty-four by seven”). The numerals stand for “24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Low Price For Poor

Unlike other helicopters these helicopters are built exclusively for transporting emergency victims. The medical crew for all transfers Hospitals. A set of trained and qualified emergency physicians and paramedics have been specially trained for air evacuations and these teams will be on all air-transfers. These services offer support to all types of accident and emergency patients including pediatric patients.
It is well known that easy & timely availability of ambulances can save a lot of lives, especially in case of emergencies. The state of emergency medical transport i.e. ambulances is a vast issue. In this article, let’s look at the number of operational ambulances across states and various studies that evaluate the functioning of ambulance services with various parameters. Here is a comparison of the total number of ambulances operational across states and required number of ambulances as per standards. standard pertains to a centralized public emergency response system and is not about private ambulances.
This vehicle is a Janani Express, and the driver – Pintu Bhaiya – has been operating it for over four years. It is part of a government program that provides emergency transport services to patients living in rural areas. Its main goal is to ensure timely healthcare for pregnant women and infants.
The sub health center where we are standing is among dozens of other sub health centers set up by the government of Madhya Pradesh with technical support of UNICEF in the district of Shivpuri. The centre is a small village-level institution that acts as a safe haven for pregnant mothers and their children to get information, checkups, vaccinations and delivery.
With COVID-19 still there in the world, we are in a continuous need for medical services. We appreciate all the doctors and the medical staff who are working hard for our well being. Along with all the medical staff and doctors, there are other people and machines who are also working 24×7 to make sure that people reach hospitals safely. These are the Ambulances and their drivers. We appreciate the hard work everyone is putting in to help fight us against the deadly virus. With the increasing necessity of beds, there is an equally increasing necessity of ambulances.
With the limited space availability in the two vehicles mentioned above, the medical facilities also remain limited. If you want to give more on-the-way support to the patient, This vehicle is not too big and at the same time, it is not too small! This can just be the perfect ambulance if you customise it properly. Many hospitals already have the older version of the Winger Ambulance but the new BS6 Tata Winger is also among the Bangladeshi cars that are perfect as an ambulance. The Winger can support patient transport, basic life support, advanced life support and shell functions.